Dongzhou Group is a large corporative groupwithmultiple subsidiaries including information technology, new chemical materials, new energy etc.  The Group is empowered by its thousands of employees, and over 5 billionrevenues.

The role of Shanghai Dongzhougroup, the management center of the group, is to integrate resources for subsidiaries and empower them to move an upper level.Operating under company’s core value of integrity and trustworthiness, Dongzhou Group has been awarded Integrated and Advanced Technology Company,AAA Ranked Corporation, Star Corporation etc. by the city and province governments.The leaders of the Party and country including Jianxing Wei, Guoquan Wan, Xiaotong Fei visited Dongzhou Group.  Multiple products have been categorized as china’s key torch plan projects and national newkey product projects. Dongzhou Communication Company, one of our subsidiary, was rated No. 12 of China's most potential top 100 enterprises in 2005 by Forbes Magazine.  Dongzhou Group has been following the strategy of Diversified investment and professional management.  The Grouphas been striveing hard to be stronger and betterand building an excellent modern enterprise which services the society, creates wealth for the shareholders and provides a better life for the employees. 

Dongzhou people believe "honest, diligent, simple, careful" is our fundamental philosophy. We always believe the idea of "people-oriented". We always believe that employees are the foundation of the Dongzhou group. All the staffs who work hard and perform well are the most valuable asset of Dongzhou Group.  The Dongzhou groupprovides great opportunities to excellent from all over the world. We warmly welcome you to join our big family!

公司简介中文版 (PDF 3.6MB )