As the management center of Dongzhou group, Shanghai Dongzhou enterprise Cci Capital Ltd has unified operation and resource integration for the whole Dongzhou business cluster, and on this basis, it leads the whole enterprise cluster to seek new strategic development space. The group will continue to strengthen the construction of the enterprise culture, for the benefit of the staff, to provide more wonderful, more substantial life and development space for the staff."Dongzhou people" believe "honest and hardworking" is the fundamental philosophy of life, is the guarantee of victory.

It is both the standard of Dongzhou and the moral standards of the people of Dongzhou.

The human resource in Dongzhou has developed the Dongzhou group into an excellent modern enterprise group to serve the society, create wealth for the shareholders and provide a better life for the employees. We always believe in the idea of "people-oriented". We always believe that employees are the foundation of the existence of Dongzhou group. All the staff who are devoted to their work and perform their duties well are the most valuable treasure of Dongzhou team management and strategic enterprises. The current Dongzhou group is a big family from all over the world, and also a big stage for high-quality talents. We warmly welcome all the excellent talents to join Dongzhou.

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